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I believe there is nothing more valuable than feedback from people who have already used my service, so here are just a few
of the many positive comments I have received from parents and children in letters, questionnaires and Thank You cards..  

  "Absolutely fantastic, don't know what we would have done without her!"

  "Fantastic, lots of activities, opportunities for play, role play etc.  A comfortable, friendly, family environment."

  "Lisa's Childminding Service is run in a professional manner but still in a family orientated way."

  "I can honestly say that my children have always been happy with lots to talk about."

            "Thank you for the care you have shown,
            Oh my, how the months have flown.
            I have loved the fun we have had,
            I hope my smile has made you glad.

            I enjoyed bouncing in the jumperoo,
            Making Mother's Day cards with painty goo.
            Walking to the park on a sunny day,
            Watching shadows on the way.

            I have gurgled, played and crawled,
            Looked at books, dribbled and drawled.
            Made noisy instruments play,
            Listened to you sing and say.

            I have eaten, slept and cried,
            To be good I have always tried.
            You have chatted, fed and cared,
            I thank you for this time we've shared."

  "I am confident my son is getting the best care whilst with Lisa.  The diary is a fantastic idea and much appreciated, it will       
also be a great keepsake!"

  "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being more than a childminder, more of a Mary Poppins!"

  "You have played such a huge part in Harry's life for the past 4 years, always going above and beyond when it comes to his    
health, well being, development and needs.  It really feels like the end of an era with him moving onto school and the                   
next stage of his life."

  "I'm happy you looked after me.  Thanks very much for taking care of me."

  "You came into our lives just at the right time.  Thank you for making this a second home for Muushiwedu."

  "Lisa provides an excellent Daily Diary which informs me not only of his needs being met but also his activities and moods     
plus a lovely memento in form of regular photos of Joshua.  This helps me feel a part of his day and confident in                           
Lisa's care and support for my son."

  "We know Lucy will be seeing you again in the holidays, but you have been so helpful in more ways than you can imagine.      
Seriously, we couldn't have done it without you.  Lucy is prepared for school now and you have played a major role in                    
helping us."

  "Morgan has made some significant changes and really enjoys going."
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