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Only £15.00
This workbook will calculate your total income, expenses, mileage and business use percentages and
much more!

It is so easy to use - Simply type in a date, a description and the amount in the appropriate box - and
that's it!
All the monthly amounts are shown on an annual sheet, and finally another sheet shows your income,
expenditure and your profit - automatically!

You can use the same file year after year by following the instructions in the included pdf Tutorial,
unless of course you wish to purchase an updated version if there is one available.

When it's time to submit your Tax Return - Don't worry...everything is already done for you, all you
have to do is copy the figures onto your form.

(Please note that these are the only figures needed if you earn less than £30,000 a year.)
This workbook works using Microsoft Excel 20
10.  (2007 and 97-2003 file also available).  You must have Microsoft
Excel installed on your computer to access, open, and use this workbook.
".....they are brilliant I can't believe that I had done my tax return in a few hours."

"...I think this excel document is brilliant, what I thought would take me days balancing 2004/2005
accounts for my tax return has taken no more than 5 hours."

"....I am delighted with the accounts.  It has taken all the drudgery out of it.  I hated going to the filing
cabinet to get the book out, now I just sit at the computer.  Great!"

"...your after sales service is second to none, as well. I was really impressed when you extended my
mileage column - fast, pleasant and professional. You really have made the financial management of
my childminding business a lot easier to handle."

"...easy to understand and it does all the hard work for you..well, apart from looking after the children!!"
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The formulas in this Workbook have been protected to prevent them from being accidentally deleted
and to prevent unauthorised copies from being made.  
This means that you are unable to customise the spreadsheets.

This Excel Workbook is not to be copied, distributed, resold, or altered
for resale in whole or part.
Family Information Sheet
Annual Summary
Family Income Statement
Income/Expenditure Chart
Income, Business Hours
Accounts Workbook for 2016/2017 includes:

Family Information Sheet with space for  twenty  families
Monthly Income & Expenditure Charts
Annual Income/Expenditure Summary
Monthly Mileage Charts
Monthly Family Income Charts
Monthly Business Hours Log - Linked to Percentage Calculator
Percentage Calculator for your Monthly Bills - Linked to Expenditure Chart
Yearly Family Income Statements
Meal Cost Calculator

Basic Tax and NI Calculator -
Child's Play Accounts
for Registered Childminders
Ok fellow Registered Childminders, what is the worst thing about this job?

No, of course it's not wiping endless runny noses (or worse!) or coping with temper tantrums and a
permanent pre-school in our houses!  All this is child's play compared with doing the dreaded

How would you like a program that will take the fear out of the accounts and saves you time?  No more
adding up figures 20 times and getting a different answer each time!  It even calculates your 10% wear
and tear for you.

This is a Quality Spreadsheet Program designed specifically for Registered Childminders and is a
simple and efficient way to organise and track all aspects of your childminding business and year end
tax calculations.

I have been a Registered Childminder for 1
6 years now and I know how time consuming and how much
hard work it can be to organise and keep up with your Childminding Accounts.  I personally designed
these spreadsheets with that in mind.  These spreadsheets have helped me enormously with my own
childcare business accounting and tax records.
This is a Microsoft Excel workbook that will do everything for you....
...except look after the children!
Copyright 2003-2016 Lisa Finley
For 97-2003 Versions of Excel
For 2010-2007 Versions of Excel
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