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My Registration allows me to care for a maximum of six children under the age of eight, of whom only three children can be in
the early years age group, and of these, not more than one maybe under the age of one.  When caring for 4 and 5 year old
children who are in full time education I may increase the number in the early years group by the number of children in full time
education, providing the maximum number of six is not exceeded.  I may also care for 4 children over 8 as long as it does not
adversely affect the care of the younger children.

I am a Forest Childcare Provider and I believe that spending time outdoors is very important.
The children go outdoors here every day, at least once a day, no matter what the weather because
I believe that fresh air and wide open spaces are good for them!   I have a fully enclosed back
garden that the children can access whenever they want. But I also live near to lovely parks and
woodland areas and we visit one of these places about once a week.

My normal opening hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (unless other arrangements have been made).
Evening or weekend care is not normally available, but I may accommodate in special cases.  I offer both full and part time
care, before and after school care, term time only or holidays only and can also cater for shift workers.

For children over the age of one I provide breakfast if they are here between 8.00am - 8.30am, 2 healthy snacks and a healthy,
homemade cooked lunch.  An evening meal may also be provided at extra cost and by prior agreement if children are here
later than 6.00pm.  Parents are required to provide food for babies under the age of one.  I can cater for different dietary
requirements - my youngest daughter and myself eat a gluten and dairy free diet.

My home is child orientated with safety gates, plug covers etc. and meets OFSTED and Fire Services regulations.  It is a
non-smoking household.  I do not drive.  My garden is fully enclosed with a lockable gate and has been safety approved.  I have
a covered sand-pit, water tray, paddling pool, large wooden playhouse, a bouncy castle, ride on cars and trikes, prams,
pushchairs and child-sized chairs and table.  We also make full use of a number of parks and play areas that are close by.

There are many play and learning activities to suit all needs, ages and stages of development  for both indoor and outdoor
play. These include Lego, K'nex, Brio Train Set, Puzzles, Games, Craft Materials, Drawing, Dressing Up Clothes, Educational
Activities, Dolls, Cars and Garage, Dolls House and Musical Instruments.  I have a wide range of Books.  For younger children
and babies there are Treasure Baskets,  play gyms, shape sorters and many other things.

Whilst your child is here we do so many things:

We play with Playdough, Clay and with sand and water.  We get messy with cornflour and water, Gloop, shaving foam and mud.

We look at books.  We learn about different people and cultures.  We learn to recognise letters and numbers and words.  We
copy the stories in our play and best of all we love to cuddle up together and listen to stories.

We paint, draw, pretend to write, cut out and glue.  We make collages and prints.  We learn to use scissors and to be creative.

We sing songs and make music, we listen to music from different countries, we dance and learn new songs.  We make
instruments and make music with them.

We make friends and learn about sharing, taking turns and respecting people, we learn to mix with children who may be older
or younger than us.  We learn about the rules and how to say "Sorry" if we upset someone.

We go to the Parks and local Play Centre.  We visit the Library, Toddler Groups and Messy Play Groups.  We find out about our
local environment and to be safe when we cross the roads.  We go on Nature Walks and learn about the seasons.

We go to the shops to buy fresh vegetables for our lunch which we can help to prepare.   We share meals together and try
foods from different cultures.  We celebrate Birthdays and Festivals from around the world.  We learn about eating healthy food
and keeping our bodies healthy.  We learn about hygiene and how to wash our hands after using the toilet and before touching

We play outside.  We run and jump and climb and ride and explore.  We grow things in the garden and learn how to care for
them, we dig and find all kinds of animals and insects in the garden.  We use our imaginations and make pretend.

We learn that after we have done all this our bodies will need a rest to recover!

Please visit the
Vacancy Page to see if I have any vacancies available and then Contact Me to discuss your childcare needs
further and to arrange a visit.  Even if I have no vacancies available to suit you I can always add you to the Waiting List and
contact you when a place does become available.
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